Astral Possession

by Ghost Horizon

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released February 26, 2016

Daniel Stollings - Guitars/Bass
Uræus - Vocals/Drums/Additional Music



all rights reserved


Ghost Horizon Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Pale Apparition
I Fell before the sepulchre
In darkness to mourn the corpse of time
There leave me be to contemplate the tragic

Still flesh as cold as the arctic
A pale form in a shroud of night
In this hallowed place of sorrow
The air locks my tears in ice

Give me the strength
To take her back from death

Silence the screaming
-Pale Apparition-
Reach out to me
-Pale Apparition-
Rise up into my arms
-Pale Apparition-

There is nothing left of me
Save a will to die
Frozen in the cold unknown
Reaching out in darkness
There without her light to guide
Standing on the ice
Waiting for the swift embrace
Of nothingness

I forsake existence
Forged in Space and Time

This is the end
Witness my last command

Silence the screaming
-Pale Apparition-
Reach out to me
-Pale Apparition-
Track Name: Spectral Threnody
As the Earth is torn asunder
And her sanctuaries erased
I will raise you up from despair

As the dream becomes a nightmare
And you scream in fear for the night to die
I will be the breaking dawn

This fire inside of me
Has burned all trace of life in this shell
Turn away, look beyond the stars

Wipe away the tears
For I am above you
Around you and in all that you see

Whisper my name
In your darkest of hours
I will be waiting
Waiting for you to arrive

And now I stand here staring at the promise in your eyes

So in the rays of morning light
Between the motes of dust upon the air
I keep you in my sight,
My child.

I could not foresee the ending of this mortal life in me
In the shadows I gave up the spark
In ethereal state I drift away from where they buried me
This is my last request: Rise above the fall.

See through the illusion
You are not alone

By the pale light of the moon
I will be the ice in the air
In the twilight and the tide
I will be the calm in the ocean
Keep me in memory
As you traverse the road of life.
Track Name: Astral Possession (The Cold Years Unearthed)
I sat frozen in denial
At the center of my worthless existence
Alone in a prison of regret

Feeding upon these weak diversions
Consumed in a trenchant shroud of lies
I took the form of a parasite

Cannot deny
The years have ravaged me inside
The sun a fading
And those around me are
Wandering the great divide
Between Ascension and regression
Consuming all
Exhuming those in darkness
Silently exposing the perfect state of decay
Buried in a shallow earthen grave
Astral possession of this slave
The cold years are unearthed
Driving me to speak
The words so long restrained